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I met with Pam Smith a few months back to discuss the possibility of placing an ad with her coffee news publication. Pam sat down with me and we discussed what angle I had wanted to take for my advertising approach. After meeting with her, Pam made a few creative sample ads for me to choose from. All I had to do was choose the ad that I liked the best. Pam made the process very simple and easy for me.

Putting my ad with the Coffee News was a big no brainer and it has been an exceptionally valuable marketing tool for my business. Category exclusive marketing takes away the competition. Coffee News is certainly the most affordable and best way to get your business in front of the community.

John Ferrell, CIB Funding


“Your paper had been instrumental in exposing our event last month so big “kudos” to the paper.”
C. Osborn
VP of Marketing
Circle City Chorale

Lewis Perales
Amazon Paint

Paula Sanders
First Defense Driving School

…Great job! I had a lady call me 2 weeks ago. When I answered the phone, she said HI! like she was talking with an old friend. She asked if I used to work in Norco. When I said yes, she replied “OMG! It IS you! You taught my 3 older kids to drive and now it is time for my youngest one. We went looking for your old school and saw it was gone. We figured we would have to go somewhere else for training. I picked up a copy of the Coffee News @ Del Taco. When I got home to eat and read it, I noticed your ad, recognized your name and called to see if it really was you. So glad we found you again!” She signed her teen up for the Spring Break class at the end of this month. Thanks again, Pam, for running my ad in the Norco edition. She never would have seen it otherwise! Take care, and have an awesome weekend!

Mike Raahauge
Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises

Kim Faloon
Time 2 Relax Day Spa

Julie Crowson
Little Rascals Preschool

Gary Cowan
Corona Genealogy Society, Corona Library
With in 3 days of my first ad coming out a customer walked in carrying the Coffee News. The revenue generated from this one customer will almost completely cover our marketing investment in the Coffee News. I highly recommend Pam and the Coffee News.”

Mike Katchka
Purrfect Auto Corona
I would like to thank you for the opportunities that advertising in the Norco Coffee News has brought to me. I was able to pay for the whole first months ad in the first week that my ad ran. I was pleasantly surprised. I can see great things in the future of my auto glass business in this community. Again thank you for your help with my “slow” and “indecisiveness” nature.”

Bruce Kucera
GlasDude Mobile Services

“Coffee News is our most consistent and effective advertising. When we first began advertising in early 2012, Pam took the time to explain the differences in print advertising. Everything she said about display advertising producing consistent, loyal customers that become great referrals is true.  We acquire several new customers each week and they refer others to us.  We highly recommend the Coffee News to anyone who’s looking to grow their business.”

Guy Guillen

Doggy Paws Grooming Spa


Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Pam not only created and designed our ad, she told us what would work and what would not. Since we started advertising with Pam in 2011 in “The Coffee News” our client base has increased.”

Gene H Langenberg

Langenberg Financial Services



Great Results, On Time, Creative

“I advertised in the Coffee News with Pamela and she was great on many levels. From being very professional to being very creative. She worked up a creative ad for one of my lines of insurance. I got good results and I would highly recommend Pamela for your advertising needs.” 

Connie Blake

Blake Insurance



Dear Coffee News,

“We just had our bi-annual Friends of the Norco Library parking lot sale, and advertised it for the first time in Coffee News. We had advertised in other local publications for past sales (such as one that arrives I people’s mailboxes each week), but decide to try Coffee News instead for our sale. What a great decision! We had customers fromoutside of Norco that wouldn’t have even known about it without Coffee News, and our sales were up 20% over our last event. The only thing we did differently was advertise in Coffee News. Thanks for helping us have a great event!”

Liz Vicioso

President, Friends of the Norco Library


“Pam was a fabulous sales rep. She won numerous awards for her sales performance. Her customers loved working with her and viewed her as a dedicated partner in growing their businesses. I highly recommend her for her work ethic and customer focus.”
Suzanne Woodruff
VP Inside Sales and Specialist, PennySaverUSA.com

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
“Pam knows her advertising. She also created an esthetically pleasing ad which draws attention to it. And the best part is that her expertise is very competitively priced compared to other advertisers. If she can help you she will and if she can’t, she’ll be honest and let you know that also.”
Dr. Anthony Kim DDS

“Pam Smith spends a great deal of time and attention with her clients. She means it when she says your business will enjoy exclusivity with the Coffee News! Pam cares about her clients, and how their ads appear in her paper. She dedicates herself to increasing circulation, which increases business opportunities for her advertisers. Advertising with the Coffee News will increase business and exposure for any company!”
Ann Bedwell

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
“Pamela is a marketing wiz! She is very creative and professional, a charm to work with. I value her suggestions and encourage anyone who is looking for an inventive, fresh approach to their marketing to use her services.”

Parrish Roth

Cruise One Travel

“I find Pamela to have a high level of integrity in her business dealings. She is known to actually send someone down a different advertizing path if she feels that her company is not a good fit for that client. And, wow, can she get things done! She is someone you definitly want to link up with and build a business relationship. Connect up now!”

Susan Yasui

“Makes and distributes and informative newsletter/paper with a lot of helpful, local ads that people in the community can really use. Helps keep the business here.”

Darlene Dukelow-Burton
Sentinel Weekly News

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I have known Pamela for at least twelve years. Not only has she shown the hightest levels of professionalism with the work that she has done for me and others, but her level of integrity is unwaveringly high. I have seen her repeatedly offer solid advice to me and other clients, and turned business away because it was in the best interest of her clients. I will continue to utilize her services.”
Nyron Mclean

Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“Pamela has been a helpful asset to my business by advertising and marketing for me.”
Mike Ismael
Mike’s Transport