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If you have a question that is not answered below, please drop us an email info@ieCoffeeNews.com  

Q: Where can I find the Coffee News? 
A: At your favorite eating establishments (if your favorite does not display the Coffee News, ask them why? and have them give us a call) or you can go to the Distribution locations tab on this website for a partial list.

Q: What does category exclusive mean? 
A: Category exclusive means, only one advertiser per business type is allowed per edition. Ex: there is only one shoe cobbler, only one dentist etc.

Q: Why is category exclusive good?
A: Wouldn’t you agree, if you were able to market your business with NO COMPETITION your business would increase? That is why category exclusivity is beneficial to advertisers.

Q: When and how does the Coffee News get distributed?
A: The Coffee News is a weekly publication. The Coffee News is hand delivered to each location each week.

A: Because the Coffee News is a weekly publication, the deadline for approved by you the advertiser, ad copy is Thursdays for the following weeks editions. 

Q: Do I have to design my own ad? If you design my ad for me, what is the cost? 
A: If you already have the ad designed, that’s great! But, if you need Coffee News to design the ad, we at the Norco and Corona Coffee News DO NOT have an additional charge for this service. We believe this is part of great customer service.  Also, if you want to make changes throughout your marketing campaign, that’s not a problem. We only request enough time to make the changes and to get them back to you for approval before the Thursday deadline.
Q: Why are all of the ads the same size?
A: We want to ensure all advertiser get the same exposure. That way, the advertisers with a larger advertising budget can’t overshadow the small to medium size business with larger ads and have page dominance. .
Q: Why do you have the “Find Little Bill” contest?
A: There are 2 reasons; Number 1 to thank the loyal readers of the Coffee News. Number 2 to enhance the scrutiny of each ad. As readers are looking for Little Bill they are really examing and reading the ads, therefore increasing the awareness of each advertiser.
Q: What is your circulation?
A: The combined circulation is approximately 5,000 – 6,000 papers per week, with a readership number of 5 to 7 people reading each paper.  This means for every 1 (one) paper out there, 5 – 7 different people will read it!  That means your ad can be seen by 25,000-40,000 people a week!
The circulation per each edition varies.