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Thank you for your interest in the Norco and Corona
Coffee News.

Below is some information to help you evaluate if Coffee News is the right marketing avenue for you.


Coffee News is an entertaining weekly newsletter that is distributed primarily to restaurants as well as other places people have to wait. The Coffee News is well established in this area and worldwide! Because the Coffee News is distributed and displayed in its own stands, primarily at restaurants, the papers neat and easily accessible and the readers of the Coffee News have more disposable income than average. Proof in point, they are enjoying the Coffee News while dining out.


Each week the number of Coffee News distributed and remaining from the previous week are tracked and adjusted accordingly. This allows us to ensure maximum exposure for you, the advertiser. In addition to tracking returns, we have several avenues in which to distribute the returns. Therefore advertisers are actually getting even more exposure. We are always looking for ways to get Coffee News into the hands of new readers for all the advertisers benefit. Once a reader sees Coffee News they look for it every week.


You never get stuck in the middle in the Coffee News. You are either on the front or the back, NEVER lost in the middle!


Below are a few of the many benefits provided by Coffee News:

  • ·Coffee News will market your business with exclusivity! As long as you market your business in the Coffee News, you own the category, no other company in your business category can promote their business at the same time in the same Coffee News edition. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR COMPETITION OUT! Small businesses appreciate this bonus.
  • ·Coffee News ads can be changed by email or fax.
  • ·Coffee News ads are working three meals per day – seven days per week. Consistency brings results!
  • ·Coffee News provides for the repetitive advertising that is needed to establish buyer patterns — at low cost! It attracts loyal customers rather than aiming at bargain hunters.
  • ·Coffee News has a proven track record. Furthermore, some advertisers remain on a waiting list for months once they discover the kind of results Coffee News can produce.
  • ·Coffee News ads are rotated every week so each advertiser has equal exposure. Small ads often are obscured in other print media because the big buck advertisers often get better placement.
  • ·Coffee News can be read in eight to ten minutes compared to thirty minutes to read a 48-page daily paper. This means Coffee News receives six to twelve times the scrutiny.
  • ·Coffee News includes ad design and changes as part of the cost of your ad, there are no additional charges for this service.

The Coffee News is a weekly branding type marketing publication. We currently have three individual editions, one in the City of Norco and two in the City of Corona, so you can choose which communities are best for your business. People that shop, work and live in these areas, of all ages read Coffee News every week.


This weekly publication works well with other advertising media you might already have in place. We reinforce your marketing with weekly branding to help spread the word about your company.
Remember, Coffee News creates awareness – so that when a need arises—they remember YOU and call YOU! Never underestimate the power of repetitive advertising—you DO make an impression and buyers DO act upon it when they need you!


To my knowledge, Coffee News is the only advertising publication in the Inland Empire that offers exclusivity, community targeted distribution, and networking exposure all for one low price.


The Coffee News offers exclusive, effective, affordable marketing. You choose the length of time and which edition(s) you would like to market your business in.

1-16 weeks, $100.00 a week per edition

17 consecutive weeks, $44.95 a week per edition

35 consecutive weeks, $39.95 a week per edition

52+ consecutive week, $34.95 a week per edition

2 editions receive a 5% discount

3 editions receive a 15% discount

(subject to category availability)


For your convenience we  automatically debit your checking account or charge your credit card at the beginning of each month.


One more bonus you won’t find anywhere but the Coffee News – You will NEVER see a rate increase as long as you market your company continuously with no breaks. So five years from now, you’ll still be paying today’s rates!


Please feel free to give me a call with any additional questions you may have.


I look forward to meeting with you soon to begin designing the ad for your Coffee News marketing campaign.


Pamela Smith
Coffee News
“If you want the most views, put it in the Coffee News”